Precision Rifle

Chassis System




- Sleek, modern styling to update your favorite AirForce Talon SS or Condor SS (the front-most screw slot and screw are not required for the Condor SS models). Rugged design and stainless-steel hardware will work in the toughest of conditions. Chassis systems aren’t just for the import brands anymore.

- 9” of useable ARCA style rail for bipods, PRS style sandbag systems, tripods, and more. It also provides a nice flat surface for resting on sandbags.

- A flush-mount, full rotation QD sling cup is installed in the front rail section and a QD sling mount cup with hardware is included to mount to your factory AirForce butt plate to allow the use of a 2-point style sling. These are also compatible with any QD mount traditional style sling studs or most QD sling swivel (studs, swivels, and sling are not included).

- A built-in serrated barricade stop allows you to steady the rifle in the field, so you can get that perfect shot even while resting on a fence post, tree, stump, or other surfaces. It has only horizontal serrations, to allow panning/rotating on your resting surface while maintaining a firm, non-slip grip.

- Helps reduce frame flex! With the rear chassis section tightly encompassing and reinforcing the rear of the rifle frame, along with the front rail bolted tightly to the frame and double fastened to the rear section, they work synergistically to increase overall frame strength.

- Our easy to install 2-part system mounts with 5 fasteners (Talon SS model) and includes all the stainless-steel hardware required to mount the chassis.
We even simplified the factory grip screw barrel nut installation by capturing it on the backside—no more fumbling around trying to install the screw!

- Note: Some minor alignment of the trigger/sear pins may be required for installation to make sure they are centered to allow proper chassis fitment.

- The chassis is machined to accept most AR15 style pistol grips (without a beavertail) and even uses a ¼-28 mounting screw to accommodate grips that require proprietary screws to install. A stainless-steel grip screw is included with the chassis. (Grip is not included)

- Never forget to put your trigger shoe on again! The window cutout right below the trigger allows you to install the trigger shoe at any point in the installation process while mounting the chassis to your rifle.

- The design of the chassis has an integrated trigger stop built right in. By taking up a little space behind the trigger shoe, it improves the feel of the trigger and limits movement after the trigger break. Note that some adjustments to your factory trigger shoe may be required to allow the rifle to fire. Verify this after confirming the chassis has been installed properly.